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Polished Translations provides accurate translations for various types of projects, ranging from single pages to extensive documents and complex presentations. Whether you have a website, an advertising brochure or a market research questionnaire to be translated, you will receive it on time and with a smile. Your document will read naturally, while the tone and meaning of the source text will remain intact.

Polished Translations provides Polish translation services to businesses, individual clients and translation agencies.

General and Specialist English to Polish Translations

Polished Translations offers both general and specialist translations. Polished Translations' main areas of expertise are:

  • Business and economics
  • Tourism, travel and hospitality
  • Sport and leisure
  • Advertising, marketing and sales
  • Market research
  • Music, media and publishing
  • Social science and humanities
  • Technology and telecommunications
  • Training and education
  • Personal documents (birth and marriage certificates, degree certificates etc.).

Presentation and layout requirements are always taken into account. Whatever the format, your documents or files will be translated and edited to exactly reflect the original. As a text in Polish is often longer than in English, with your approval certain aspects can be redesigned to ensure that the translated version is consistent with the source document.

Polished Translations continually endeavours to deliver only first-class products. All specialist projects are therefore thoroughly researched to assure the correct use of terminology.

Before they are completed and submitted, all translations are proofread by a degree-qualified native speaker to guarantee complete fluency and linguistic perfection.

Completed translation projects are forwarded either electronically via e-mail and/or by post.

Is your translation required urgently or at very short notice? Polished Translations can do it for you! Short translation projects can often be completed within a day.

Certified Translations

When a translation of a particular document needs to be made official, certified translations are necessary.

A certified translation is required for official use by the majority of UK organisations and institutions including the Home Office, universities, schools, insurance providers, banks and employers.

Types of translated documents that may require certification are numerous and examples commonly requested include:

  • Birth, marriage, divorce certificates
  • Degree certificates and diplomas
  • Official transcripts, such as school, work, medical reports
  • Regulatory documents, such as power of attorney, contracts etc.
  • Household bills

Each certified translation is accompanied by a certifying letter on headed paper confirming that the translation was carried out by a professional translator and the translated text is a true and accurate version of the original document. It is the translation’s legal provenance and may be asked for when you present the translation to your destination. The letter, each page of the translation and the copy of the original document are all signed and stamped by Polished Translations.

Client Testimonials

Some of the feedback received...

"I was so pleased with the result as the translation captured the essence of the piece. I also received it so quickly and before it was completed I was asked a couple of questions that ensured the translation would be accurate. I would definitely use Polished Translations again and I recommend them highly." Anna, direct client

"Confidential, personal, expedient and accurate are qualities that Polished Translations conveyed to me. I was extremely happy with the work carried out and the short time taken. I have tried other companies, but non provide service to this standard." Richard, direct client

"Joanna is a highly professional translator and I work with her on a regular basis. I can always rely upon her to deliver excellent translations on time!" Sue, translation agency director

"I was pleased with all aspects of the service I was rendered." Lucas, direct client

"I used Polished Translations for my wedding speeches. A Groom and Best Man speech translated from English to Polish and a Maid of Honour speech from Polish to English. All speeches and translations were received fantastically in both languages, with nothing lost in translation, and no sense of spontaneity missing. Thank you!" Alexis, direct client

Service Quality, Customer Orientation and Confidentiality

Polished Translations provides truly customer-oriented services, always striving to offer a level of exceptional quality by working in partnership with clients, and being always ready to go the extra mile.

Each project is treated with outstanding commitment and the greatest of care. As your complete satisfaction is of paramount importance, you can rely on fantastic results time after time.

Polished Translations understands that translation materials are often confidential and sensitive and therefore guarantees strict confidentiality at all times. For your added assurance, any confidentiality agreement will be happily signed upon request.

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